Mad Rock Women's Onsight Velcro Climbing Shoe

Mad Rock Women's Onsight Velcro Climbing Shoe,Aqua,7.5 M USFrom the Manufacturer

Mad Rock began in 2002 as a small, climber-owned and operated company that made innovative, highly technical and affordable rock climbing shoes. More than a million pairs later, they still choose not to reflect on their accomplishments nor rest on their laurels because their best shoes will always be the next batch. To Mad Rock, innovation is a challenge to be met daily. In that spirit, they use the latest materials and technology to meet consumer demands, while maintaining the high-quality and innovative products that have put them on the map and in the packs of climbers around the world.

Product Description

Similar to the massively popular Flash, the Mad Rock Women's Onsight Climbing Shoe is a great all-around performer designed specifically for female climbers and using different lasts than the Flash. This shoe is tailored for women's feet: a slightly softer flex, and the interior volume is narrower overall, with a narrow heel and a higher instep than its Flash counterpart. The net result is a better fit that will translate to better performance. The Onsight also offers a subtle embossed graphics and a different color palette to stand out from the crowd..


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