Mad Rock Men's Trickster Two-Strap Velcro

Mad Rock Men's Trickster Two-Strap Velcro,Checkered,11.5 M USWith its bold graphics and low-stretch synthetic upper, Mad Rock's Trickster has some serious comfort and performance up its sleeve. With easy, durable hook-and-loop closures and a concave sole for superior edge contact, this low-maintenance rock shoe has got you covered.

Product Description

Make the right move with the medium flex and checkerboard print of the Mad Rock Trickster Climbing Shoe. The Science Friction 2.2 rubber is the stickiest of the icky, and the flat sole gives you a better edge on crimps. The Trickster's 3D molded heel cup has reverse hook tread for heel hooks or the descent of that granite troll you just topped out.

Product Features
  • Material: TekFlex synthetic
  • Lining:
  • Sole: Science Friction
  • Last: Slip
  • Asymmetrical Curvature: Low
  • Lacing: Hook-and-loop
  • Recommended Use: Sport climbing, bouldering, gym
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Limited lifetime
Review by Griz281
I bought these shoes because I wanted something better than the rental shoes at my gym. The rubber is decent. I'm able to stand on chips and smaller holds fairly well, but there are some big holds that the shoe just slips right off of. It might be the nature of the hold, but I expected to be able to stand fairly well on it. Smearing is fairly good.
Heel hooking is very good. There's just a huge piece of rubber on your heel that seems to mold around the hold.
I wear size 10.5 street shoe and I bought 10.5 for these shoes. At first they were pretty uncomfortable, but as I climbed a bit more, it became more tolerable. I have slight toe curl wearing these shoes.
My only major qualm about these shoes is the loops seem to make it very hard to loosen the shoes to take off. It's a slight annoyance but when you've just done a really tough climb and your hands are weak, it's annoying to have to use any dexterity you have left just to loosen the shoes.


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